Whether it’s soda or cough syrup, if the labels aren’t affixed identically from bottle to bottle, the brand will lose value, no matter how high the quality of the product. During the labeling process, labels will stretch, warp or even tear if the bottles are not fed at a constant rate. In addition, labeling requirements can change, sometimes requiring cold glue, sometimes hot glue and sometimes shrinkwrap. Since application methods differ from vessel to vessel, your machine’s control architecture must be able to support variances while retaining productivity. To address labeling challenges, Mitsubishi Electric’s automation controls guarantee consistency.


Mitsubishi Electric’s iQ-R Series guarantees labels are affixed accurately. The iQ-R Series CPU logic controller controls rotary drums, feed roller brakes and bottle sensors with simple ladder logic programming, all while maintaining the high speeds you rely on to preserve productivity.

Through the high-speed iQ-R Series bus connection, the GOT2000 HMI provides a means of letting you interact with your machines. GOT2000’s high-res touch screen displays and controls monitoring, debugging and label parameter profile changes.

Less complex applications requiring interpolation and servo monitoring can depend on iQ-F products. The iQ-F family features easy system integration. With the FX5U controller, you gain synchronous control of four axes as well as hassle-free maintenance and reduced cost of ownership.