Cost of operation


Machines that aren’t moving aren’t producing, leading to wasted product. For high-volume operations, downtime can lead to thousands of dollars lost. To make sure your machines aren’t idle, Mitsubishi has a range of automation solutions to lower your Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).


Confront troubling issues of ownership through easy-to-use, integrated software that can reduce wasted time and operating costs. With fewer supplies required, the iQ platform saves space and money. Bundled as one package are HMI, PLC and motion control software and configuration software for VFDs and other devices. Integrated into the base iQ software package are simulators and additional configuration software, so there is no need for you to track down disparate programs for your machine. Select the right PLC for the right application and program any of them with the right software package.

In addition to software, Mitsubishi offers a family of products appropriate for your machines’ control needs. The iQ-F Series is suited for small, simple motion applications. The L Series offers platforms suited for standard packaging needs. The most sophisticated of them all is the iQ-R Series, which is tailored for fast, complex motion applications.