Machine utilization


If your machines aren’t working to package one product, they should be working to package another. Our smart equipment works to re-configure your machines automatically, saving you valuable time and money. Evaluating your machines’ Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) will identify areas to improve performance. We provide automation controls to keep machines moving and adjusting with efficiency and precision. To improve utilization, Mitsubishi designs controls that self adjust so you do not experience a loss of production.


From the L Series and iQ platform, Mitsubishi provides controls to self adjust timing, forming, filling and boxing applications. With ever-changing production needs, your machines should be able to accommodate them at any moment. With the L Series and iQ platform, you can pack 24 oz. cereal boxes one day, then pack 32 oz. boxes the next. Mitsubishi’s range of solutions ensure your machines can always adjust to demand.