Maintenance & Reliability


Because manufacturers have yet to design indestructible machines, Mitsubishi seeks to provide the best solutions to predict breakage. Unexpected breakdowns result in downtime, which can lead to some of the largest losses of revenue. To secure your operability, look to Mitsubishi’s predictive maintenance practices.


Mitsubishi banks its reputation on the reliability of its equipment and solutions. Our platforms require little setup to configure communication among CPUs. Since our platforms also feature effortless debugging and seamless integration, you will not experience wasted time. The GOT HMI terminal gives you direct access to the ladder code running in the PLC, allowing maintenance staff to locate a problem without bringing laptops onto the factory floor. The GOT also logs data and stores it locally or serves it up to another system. Since it can share data among computers, you can use the GOT HMI to interface with other machines, all from one location. Giving you the power to diagnose and fix problems remotely, Mitsubishi solutions can make your maintenance more predictable.