Bottle Filling

Bottle Filling

Whether its filling cola or cough syrup, your machine’s applications must be synchronized perfectly just to get the bottle to the nozzle. With so many moving parts, keeping the high speed, continuous motion of conveyors and consistent flow rates of fillers failsafe requires sophisticated automation. To meet your needs, Mitsubishi Electric designs cost-effective control systems that maximize performance and reduce errors.

It is vital that liquids are fed accurately and nozzle heights are precise, so timing system components to coordinate at high speeds requires advanced, dependable controls. Mitsubishi Electric’s motion controller CPU intelligently controls cam profiles with software systems. This advanced CPU – based on the iQ-R Series – can reduce errors and profile deviations. Our software offers flexibility, adjusting to various bottle sizes without overhauling the entire system.

Liquid Filling Machine

The motion controller on the iQ-R Series platform controls high-speed servo drives, ensuring accuracy in synchronizing rotational conveyors, nozzle controls and liquid pumps. Working with the open device-level network CC-Link IE, iQ-R Series controllers ensure bottle feed rates retain speed and accuracy. The iQ-R Series can also connect to upper-level systems through an Ethernet option module, which feeds real-time production data into ERP/MES systems. This provides continuous monitoring as well as insight into bottling performance, eliminating your need to rely on statistical data.

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