Case Packing

Case Packing

Packaging products is an awe-inspiring process, but if the product doesn’t make it to the end of the line unscathed, having synchronized many fast-moving parts was just wasted time. That’s why getting the final packaged product into a cardboard case requires the same sophisticated technology as all the processes that came before it. Case packers are built for speed, but they must also have a gentle rhythm so they do not damage the product being placed in the package.

iQ-R Series controllers are designed not only to maximize productivity and minimize downtime, but it is also designed to be flexible enough to meet the range of demands of packing applications. The iQ-R Series Motion System is designed for complex systems with many moving parts. It provides a high degree of synchronization, preventing errors in processes such as box opening, taping and transfer conveyors.

CC-Link IE serves as a cost-effective, highly responsive communication that keeps conveyor sensors, folding pneumatics and cutter sensors in sync. iQ-R Series controllers are a high-speed solution for packing systems, but it also prioritizes accuracy, which ensures products do not spoil while being boxed.

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