Horizontal / Vertical Pillow

Horizontal / Vertical Pillow

From pastries to pharmaceuticals, form fill seal machines have to be flexible enough to accommodate the range of products they package. Given forming, sealing and cutting requirements, the various processes must be synchronized perfectly. Mitsubishi Electric’s iQ-R Series is the ideal solution for pillow packaging applications.

Coupled with MR-J4 servo drives and SSCNET III/H network, iQ-R Series motion controllers meet the demands of pillow packaging machines. Programming is simple with the iQ-R Series CPU logic controller. iQ-R Series motion controllers easily integrate with user interfaces like the GOT2000, all while maintaining high accuracy. With the phase compensation algorithm incorporated into the motion controller, packaging cutters can be synchronized precisely with the conveyor, providing accurate cuts at high speeds.

Horizontal Pillow Machine

The GOT2000 allows for flexible operation. A substantial amount of profiles can be stored in the HMI, so you can go from packing medium to large pastries with ease, as the packaging profile data specific to each product can be called up in the GOT2000. Such a feature allows your plant to improve productivity and reduce system downtime.

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