At the plant’s start point and end point are pallets, and regardless of where the product might be, the application must ensure that the goods are stacked safely and ready for transport. These systems tend to have simple architectures without extensive servo controls, but that doesn’t dismiss the need for high-performance processes with low operating costs.

As a flexible, total solution that emphasizes productivity, iQ-R Series controllers are ideal for palletizing applications. For applications that don’t require motion controllers, the simple modules provide up to four axes of accurate servo control. Suited for controlling directional axes, the simple motion modules use simple ladder logic programming and integrated utility software. Simple motion modules also feature easy setup and simple debugging.

Palletizing Machine

The CC-Link IE open device-level network allows for simple connection to iQ-R Series controllers. It can also connect to other devices such as sensors. With reduced overall wiring, CC-Link IE has fast and deterministic communication of 1Gbps.

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